Jane Shriffer

Jane Shriffer paints intrinsically, a flowing of intuition, response and presence culminating into a canvas of layers of colour and texture with the use of her singular palette knife clearly visible. Each movement is considered, resulting in a rhythmic surface alive with movement and expressed in lush, vibrant colour.

Followers of Shriffer’s work will note her constant evolution inpaint application, Chip Sandwiches pushes further culminating in her largest ever paintings.

Shriffer will say she can’t explain how her paintings evolve, they simply are, arising from her own existentialism. Shriffer can tell you however, what was relevant in her mind at the time and invites the viewer to query this. Each artwork has a title relevant to the moment, a juncture in time anchoring each piece in a visual and emotional unfolding.

These paintings are a visual diary recorded in an abstract yet perceptible language, chock-full with emotive colour. Naturally down-to-earth, Shriffer doesn’t care for embellishments in these expressions of her life. She is a mother and an artist, there’s nothing highbrow about this lifestyle.

She illustrates the often mundane and ridiculousness of simply being alive with deliciously vivid colour, in doing so Shriffer makes the world a delightful place.

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