Cristina Popovici


Cristina Popovici


Artist Statement

Time, it moves subtly and leaves nothing untouched. As if there is a lack of gravity, it shifts and nibbles and pulls at things that were once so concrete. Through time, through our experiences, through a shift in our focus, words that form the nucleus of empowerment and growth begin to change into something less familiar, less powerful, less empowering. With a change in perception comes a change in meaning and thus leaving words powerless, a mere ornament on a shelf, a hollow casing that fits neatly in the backdrop, to be ignored.

Correspondence is an invitation to unravel the entropy and reconnect with words of change and growth and empowerment. It is an exhibition dedicated to opening the dialogue between you, the viewer, and words that are worn and distorted.

Both pastel and bold colour are used for their positive and healing purposes. Colour means light, means happiness, means positivity. Different hues and combinations have been paired with the meaning and power of each word.

 Texture through lines and three-dimensionality portrays movement and speed. Negative space in some artworks is enhanced through thick texture - context is essential in discovery.

Compassion, Kind, Free, Contemplation, Freedom, Vulnerable, Fragile, Sentiment, Time.

Through thick textures, colours and compositions, you are invited to piece together the constellation of letters that form a word. With each artwork, invite and accept the word’s positive, raw meaning, its power.

We must all invite compassion, we must all act in kindness, give time both to ourselves and to others, and accept and own the feeling of vulnerability - from which joy and fragility and tenderness will blossom.

I dedicate this exhibition to my close group of young artists and friends especially to Isabella and Katheryn. 

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