Kate Fitzharris

Kate Fitzharris

Kate Fitzharris


Born Wellington, 1974.
Bachelor of Fine Arts – Ceramics, Dunedin School of Art 1996

Merit Award Waiclay 2006

Merit Award NZ Potters 49th Annual Exhibition 2008

Merit Award Winner Portage Ceramic Awards 2002, 2010 & 2014
People's Choice Award NZ Potters 51st Annual Exhibition 2010

Doris Lusk Ceramic Residency 2017

Tylee Cottage Residency 2018

Member of Team Kiwi, Clay Gulgong 2018

Kate Fitzharris’ figurative dolls have an endearingly anthropomorphic quality, each with a distinct personality.

Like well-worn and cherished heirlooms of childhood, Fitzharris’ figures seem to imbue a sense of history and nostalgia. Wise yet childlike faces tell stories of far off times and distant places.

“I love how clay can dress itself up as almost anything whilst also carrying its history of giant mountains worn down to the tiniest pieces, soft and malleable. I am interested in the relationships we have with these natural processes, and the way we connect with the world around us,” says Fitzharris. Fitzharris also works with found materials such as vintage fabrics, and credits her career choice to the vivid imagination she had as a child. “I remember seeing faces in flowery curtains from a young age” says Fitzharris. “And in the trunks of trees. I have long enjoyed making things with my hands.”

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